Gardening et limited mobility


A Chinese proverb says :
" If you want to be happy for an hour, have a drink;
" If you want to be happy for a day, get married;
" If you want to be happy for life, be a gardener."

Gardening is a convivial activity that cuts across generations. With the onslaught of urban development, people are increasingly drawn to nature. However, gardening is not accessible to everyone.

With age, gardening becomes a complicated affair. This is due to physical problems such as fatigue, loss of equilibrium, dizziness, back pain, fragile wrists and knees. As such, motivation declines. For some elderly folks, their children even forbid them to carry out gardening for fear of accidents.

Image Source: B. Chaline, Manual on Architectural Conception, 2003

Inadequate protection, limited or lack of access, awkward and painful positions, bad weather etc., prevent those with reduced mobility from gardening, even though this could enrich their daily lives.

Disadvantage of classic wooden planter:
- immobility;
- special and regular treatments, a very fast rotting;
- difficult to be ergonomic


Photo taken with Ms Claudine de Gubernatis at the Award Ceremony of the Charles Foix in 2009

  Garden Age
ensures you have

- a comfortable position
- ease and convenience in the gardening
- a security provided
- a intergenerational participation

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With the support of the Bretonneau Hospital of Paris
The development of the ergonomic aspects of the Garden Age product range was supported by the Bretonneau Hospital of Paris (geriatric hospital), in particular, Dr Yves Wolmark, geriatrician and Head of Service, Ms Claudine de Gubernatis, Rehabilitation Manager, as well as the hospital’s Occupational Therapy team.

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